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Get your hormones in balance before that next cruise

One of the worse things to happen is to plan a fun vacation cruise, then have a health problem. Ladies should consider visiting their ob/gyn for hormone adjustment before heading off the middle of ocean. Ship doctors tend to deal with the basic health issues, colds, headaches, and sea sickness, and are often not equipped to deal with this type of issues

Hormones have an unsteady and largely unfair distinction of being a bad thing. Call it misogyny or misinformation, but hormones recall some bad moments for people. Women, in particular, seem to feel the massive brunt of this unfair association. A hormone imbalance is normal- perhaps too normal. It is something that millions of women manage with at earlier and earlier ages. It is not at all uncommon to have hormone imbalances for women in their mid-30o’s- and do not let anyone say different because this applies to men as well!

The big question is whether a woman is handling a hormonal imbalance or whether there is an underlying larger problem. For all the issues hormones can cause when they are unbalanced, they are all quite manageable. Options, from over-the-counter medicines to alternative methods, have helped women take a steadfast and progressive approach to hormone concerns. So, how does a woman know if this is a hormone concern or perhaps something else? Better yet, what are some strategies to tackling this very common issue.

Having a Bad Night of Sleep- Often

Restless nights of sleep are probably the most common symptom of an imbalance. Sweating is often included in this symptom because the two go hand-in-hand. Restless nights will erode comfort. They will lead to fatigue during the day. Restless nights are hard to pinpoint in regards to finding a solution because they can be caused by a bad diet, lack of exercise, anxiety, and stress, etc. The reality is that it is a combination of many factors.

The problem of bad sleep is connected to everything else and must be tackled first. Women can adjust their diet (discussed below) or consider a steady weekly exercise. It does not have to be anything crazy, but perhaps a few hours a week at the most. Make time for it in a busy schedule. Read before sleep or do a low-monitoring activity the hour before sleep, such as writing in a journal, writing down goals, or listening to music. Keep loud visuals (the television) down or off entirely before bed.

Readjust the Diet

There are distinct reasons why organic culture has taken off in such a big way. It is not just a testament or statement to the meat industry or to local farming, though these things do apply. It is that the food is just better across the board. Organic food is often responsibly sourced and lacks preservatives, GMO’s, and other man-made additions. The additions of these things have only been studied and understood recently. It may be possible that in the next 50 years, the culture will look back at an era where food sold was not organic and find that absurd. How could they do that? Add more organic food to the diet because it will have an immediate impact on mental and physical health.

Find Patterns

Medicines are available, and they can provide fantastic answers to hormone problems. But, they are often jumped into a little too early, especially before women find patterns in their activities. To get the most out of a potential medicinal intervention, women should find a baseline in their activities and match them against what was normal for them in the past. These patterns apply to eating, sleeping, exercising, job changes, and everything else in between. Patterns establish both the extent of the problem and the plan of action before the medicine is introduced.

These ladies issues may be dismissed in some circles, but they are totally fair and justified. Issues with hormones are very manageable and there is no reason to be embarrassed or be discouraged. It happens. Now that it is happening, it can be adjusted for, ever slightly, to make for a much brighter and easier day.